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I first walked into my local spiritual church in 2001. I had no idea, at that time, where this would lead me. Although I did have close family members who had passed, this was not the main reason I decided to go. I was at a period of great change in my life and I was looking for answers. I had become increasingly interested in exploring all things spiritual, and it was suggested to me I go to a church.

The second week I was there, I had a message from my Grandmother. She talked to me about all the things happening in my life, things nobody else knew and brought me her love and support.  It was proved to me then without doubt, and in the continuing weeks to follow, that there is no death. Our loved ones are still with us, they know what is happening in our lives now, and are still able to communicate. I learned we are never alone, our loved ones in Spirit stand with us, there in our darkest times.  I was also fascinated by the spiritual philosophy given in the addresses, and through that knowledge and understanding, my life began a huge transformation.

Soon I was pursuing my own development but never with the intention of becoming a medium. I continued to explore all aspects of mediumship at the Arthur Finlay College. I was fortunate to study with such great mediums as Eileen Davies, Glyn Edwards, Tony Stockwell and Scott Milligan. I went on to study with Tony Stockwell at his studio and was awarded a Certificate of Distinction in Evidential Mediumship from him. It was his encouragement and support that finally pushed me to start my work as a medium. I also did a years intensive study with Scott Milligan in trance and physical mediumship and continue to study with him whenever I can. Over the years I have studied all aspects of mediumship including trance, healing and spiritual communication. 

My own personal self development has been a big part of it too, and the  changes my spiritual path has had within me has led me to live for a while in the Findhorn Community Scotland and Vancouver. There I pursued my life as a professional singer. Later, encouraged by Eileen Davies, I went on to combine my music with my mediumship, giving demonstrations where I would sing and then use the song to make my link with Spirit.

As Glyn Edwards once predicted for me, I now have the privilege of working with Spirit in many different places throughout the world. Offering demonstrations, teachings and private readings. Working to connect people with their loved ones, bringing the message I have learned that there is no death, they are still only a heartbeat away.


With the ' marvelous ' Glyn Edwards at the Arthur Findlay College.

With Tony Stockwell being awarded Certificate of Distinction in Evidential Mediumship

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