I work to meet the needs of the individual sitter.The reading can be mediumistic, which focuses on contact with your loved ones or psychic, which is more about you and your life. Often it will be a mixture of both. I may also at times use tarot cards.


As a medium, I will not predict the future. I can not take away your free will by telling you what to do with your life. However, often information will come from your loved ones in spirit or I may pick up things about you which can help guide you and give you a better understanding.


It is important for me to do it in a warm, caring, friendly, way, to try and remove any fears and anxieties that someone may have. When you are relaxed, communication is easier, you can then experience memories of special times you shared with your loved ones, private insights from them given, and most importantly love communicated.


I am always seeking to push the boundaries of what is possible in my work, to make each message as good as I can make it, to prove that life is eternal.


I am available for sittings in person or by Skype. It may also be possible to come and do group sittings for you.

Contact me at  to book or for further info.