"You did a Spirit “reading" for a group on Saturday (zoom) and I was a very, very lucky recipient of your gift. Karen, these 3 days since Saturday have been the happiest 3 in 3 years since my son passed. my heart feels SO much better. For 2 days so kept reviewing the conversations over and over! I don't think I've even forgotten one little bit! And my daughter was very emotional to receive all the encouragement to her singing/songwriting and messages of love from Scott" (Barbara, Canada)

"I also wanted to thank you for having Karen Davies on your show. I had a reading with her last week and it was by far the best and most evidential mediumship reading I've had in 25 years. She was truly a gift "(Meredith, Arizona)

"I have had at least a half dozen medium readings this year, but your was by FAR the most accurate -- indeed it was phenomenal.. No other medium has captured my mother's essence so perfectly, and I was indeed heartened to feel her so "close." I cannot possibly express my gratitude to you, and look forward, if possible, to future consultations,

Yours in endless gratitude" (Kris, Chicago)

"A massive heart felt thank you for connecting with my beautiful Mum, I miss her terribly and still cry most days. THANK YOU,  THANK YOU  AND THANK YOU

You are super blessed with an fantastic gift "(Lisa, Glasgow)

"OMG tears rolling down my face thanku karen and spirit world spirit rocks amazing evidence you touched my heart............nov 3 DAD passed 5 yrs from the day mom passed at the same time my bro just passed in 2019 he received my dad he was autistic he was the baseball player that said DAD DAD DAD in the beginning. I'm gobsmacked happy now thanku immensely much love and appreciation its mammas birthday today." (DC, USA)

"Just wanted to thank you for a beautiful connection with my spirit family and my children. It has brought me a sense of peace and well being that I wasn't really expecting. I have been able to feel the physical and the spirit loved ones more merged since your reading. I also have been able to let go of guilt about the past and worry for the future about these same loved ones.

How absolutely fantastic that we can connect like this!

Many blessings and thanks for you and your work." (Lili, Michigan)

"...... you were 'spot on' with mine and I wanted to you know that."  


"Thanking you from the bottom of my heart for this reading.  I miss him every hour of every day." (Peggy, USA)

"Thanks so much!! I treasure the messages, insights, connections, and meditations you gave me. They are so special and such a blessing.


I adore your energy. You are truly a gift. I would love to know about any future events or courses you will be teaching. 


Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you."  (Lenore California)

"Thank you so much. I’m so grateful that you share your gift, it’s brought lots of healing to my family, alone" (Lianne Florida)